our programs

Bike Clark County operates two main programs:

School Safety Course

Currently our largest program and the one we are most proud of, is the Middle School Bicycle Education Course.
– Joe Gruelich –

For over a decade we’ve taught hundreds of kids a year how to ride safely and responsibly during gym class.

BCC can help your P.E. Teachers develop a course that is suitable for your school.  Courses are usually conducted during P.E. Class but weekend and after school models are possible.  The program consists of classroom-based lessons, bike practice on the playground and culminates in a group neighborhood ride around the school.

BCC is able to assist with helmets for each participant and provide a fleet of matching, well maintained training bicycles.  Our volunteers will coordinate with your school to deliver the bikes, perform a helmet fitting and get your class rolling along.

Earn a Bike Camp

Participants in the Earn-a-Bike program receive a free used-bike, gain bike maintenance skills, and volunteer with a great organization!

By equipping participants with repair skills and introducing them to Bike Clark County, the Earn-a-Bike program contributes to Bike Clark County’s mission to empower community members with increased education and access to bikes as reliable, affordable transportation.

This 8-hour program teaches more than just bicycle maintenance.  We believe our youth should be challenged to give back to their community.  By working in our shop they are held accountable for their actions to show up on time, follow instructions and work as a team.  They’ll learn how to use tools and basic repairs but they’ll also work on leadership skills and self-confidence.  Upon completion of 8 hours of work they’ll receive a sweet, refurbished bicycle, a new helmet and the satisfaction of working on their own bike and doing something great!

Regrettably, we have expenses associated with this program.  We estimate it costs approximately $100 per student to conduct the camp.  You can sponsor a child by making a cash donation or donating a bicycle or supplies to offset the cost.  Some scholarships are available.